Sport marketing myopia

sport marketing myopia
Cursul intitulat Marketing general face o incursiune n interesanta lume a marketingului, abordnd cteva dintre cele mai importante noiuni i concepte.

This paper makes insights by exploring the concept of human capital management HCM and the impact of the balanced scorecard BSC on it and the effect of both on firm performance. Data was collected from the 4 telecommunication organizations in Jordan, using 65 questionnaires.

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The results revealed that the BSC has significant impact of effective human capital management; and both have positive effect on firm performance. In order to achieve this scope, a broad approach in terms of analysing the processes associated with the management system sport marketing myopia required — thus, all of the most important processes carried out within the program have been analysed in order to highlight the most significant dysfunctionalities.

A specific analysis was carried out for each of the following types of program specific actions: programming, implementation and control and audit actions.

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The most significant weaknesses were identified within the programming and implementation set of actions, while control and audit actions were appreciated by the research sample to be positively relevant to the scope of the programs they managed.

In terms of programming, most programming documents were appreciated to be as average in quality, impacting the whole life cycle of the program. The implementation actions were evaluated from the perspective of relationships between intermediary organism and the Managing Authority and with project beneficiaries.

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In this field the sport marketing myopia was extended and the major factors for the relatively low quality of interactions within the program were identified. Finally, taking into account the results of the research, I have presented a series of recommendations and proposals for improving the management system that will ultimately lead to an improvement in the absorption rate and in the overall success of the program.

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We need to admit that, in recent years, we have witnessed an alarming increase in the number of conjectural managers, of conjectural leaders, a phenomenon with negative effects on the economic, financial and managerial performance of the organizations they run, whether they operate in the public or the private sector.

The negative effects are certainly not limited to the respective organizations, but propagate at society level.

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The objective of the research is to create a tool which makes it possible to quantify managerial performance and to design a new situational management based on correlating result indicators with organizational and managerial competence. Materials and methods -To achieve the aim the data collected through questionnaire survey applied to 54 employees in various departments of the bank. Results -Statistical findings revealed there is a significant relationship between competitor orientation, interfunctional coordination, competitive intensity and organizational commitment.

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There is no significant relationship between market turbulence, customer orientation and organizational commitment.

Conclusion - These findings introduce useful views and conclusion for the management to take into account for developing organizational commitment among their employees. According to the study, all the dimensions of strategic orientation and influences of external environment to increase organizational commitment could enhance findings. Managers should take interest in the role of strategic orientation besides external environment to improve organizational commitment.

Managers should also develop a robust culture which reflects organizational commitment in order to ensure the survival of the bank and its growth when facing competitors and overcoming any challenges.

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The empirical results showed that a higher accounting conservatism level can reduce management manipulation for recognized more impairment losses in sport marketing myopia prior period and then more gains on impairment reversal. Given the research interest on Big Data in the marketing field, thus, authors intend to present an integrated view based on the previous literature with the aim of identifying the major trends in this field.

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A systematic integrated literature review was carried out through a strict search approach that identified. A total of articles published between and indexed in EBSCO database were collected and scrutinized.

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The results of the previous studies on big data and marketing revealed that they were limited to discuss the technical and research fields and did not clearly consistent with sophisticated technologies towards the benefits of marketing, and it has not yet reached the level of marketers' ambition.

Over and above, findings show that research in big data applications and practices to sport marketing myopia is still in sport marketing myopia stages, thus, making it necessary to promote more direct efforts towards the business for big data to thrive in the marketing domain.

This paper is specifically relevant to marketing firms and departments concerned in the evolution of marketing activities and abilities to increase customer basis.

sport marketing myopia

Furthermore, it is also useful to compare several international studies trend as this study takes a perspective globally. The study provides priceless information and an in-depth integrated view of big data relevant to opportunities and challenges that marketing encountered. Furthermore, it opens new insights into the topic area by emphasizing for further future studies and research directions.

It considers the effect of NPLs, cost efficiency and bank size on commercial banks' profitability by using panel data regression Pooled OLS modelcovering the period of The findings of the study show that NPLs and cost efficiency have a significant negative relationship with commercial banks' performances in Malaysia.

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On the other hand, bank size is found to have a significant positive relation with commercial banks' performances in Malaysia. Several policy and strategic implications are outlined: the continuing need to cum să îmbunătățiți vederea după un computer credit risk, reduction of non-core lending activities, improvement of systems transparency, cost control, and more lenient competition and anti-trust policies.

Specifically, the study considers the significant effect of foreign exchange rate, Balance of payment, Inflation rate and Interest rate on the Nigerian economy using time series data for period to The study employs the Augmented Dickey Fuller test to carry out the stationarity test of the variable.

The Johnson co-integration and error correction mechanism ECM statistical techniques where used to ascertain the short run and long run dynamic relationships sport marketing myopia the dependent and independent variables.

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The findings show among others that five period lag of EXR brings a decrease on the economy of Nigeria; an indication that the foreign exchange market had negatively sport marketing myopia the Nigerian economy within the period of study.

Premised on this, the paper recommends that discipline has to sport marketing myopia maintained in the foreign exchange market and the parallel foreign exchange market in order to achieve the objective of having a realistic exchange rate.

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Maki Cointegration and Enders-Jones Fourier Causality Tests were used in the study including oil prices and stock market data with different start dates.

While the empirical findings differ from the country to the country in terms of the cointegration relation, there is a causality mainly from stock market to oil prices.